Before it gets better the darkness gets bigger.
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i think we have a new song title on our hands guys
Anonymous: Okay okay okay I'm so sorry if some boy comes and like spams you or something he means to find me and I came up with a random URL so he wouldn't find mine and this is the one that popped into my head I'm so so sorry just ignore you can tell him this is to the right account I'm just trying to delay him finding my tumblr. He goes to my school and I think you can understand so I'm sorry, please don't kill me

hahah its ok I mean I guess he sees this now so :)

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me trying to save my grades in the last week of the semester
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Apparently when I was 2 I begged my mom to take me to the mall to meet courage the cowardly dog. When I got there I followed him around for a few hours and clung onto him until I was forcibly removed. I knew I was always the way I am today. No one just learns to be this obsessive.

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Bless the hands that created these costumes.
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here have some cuties
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